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The Gardeners of the Temple

One ORDER, one FRATERNITY: Free Gardeners, we work together using the symbols that adorn the world of the garden and Nature in general.
4 seasons
4 elements
4 tools
4 virtues

The duty of the Free-Gardeners is to cultivate their Garden

They define what they want to undertake to progress on their personal development, with the support of the other gardeners and by sharing the experience they have gained on each path. They strive to respect, among other things :

Our goals

in the continuity of an initiatory process

Advancing in our personal development

Free Gardening gathers men and women progressing together within a shared garden. This pooling implies a strong spirit of solidarity, focused on respect for the individual.

Exploring the symbols of Nature

Free Gardening draws its inspiration from all the resources available to offer a new initiatory path centred on Man’s relationship with the elements in Nature.

Promoting an openness to the outside world

The labour of the Free Gardener allows him to reap fruits, one of which being the duty of mutual assistance. Within his ability, he must adopt a benevolent attitude towards society.

F-Mason & F-Gardener

Our approach is a parallel path, complementary to traditional initiatory Freemasonry. All members of the Garden must first have been initiated to the third degree in a regular mixed, female or male Masonic lodge.
symb. 1

The square

The square, the soil, as a matrix of the gardener's work. It is with rectitude and application that the Free Gardener creates and cultivates his garden.
symb. 2

The compass

The circle, the sky towards which every plants rises. The Free Gardener seeks to progress in spirituality, sharing and human fulfilment.
symb. 3

The grafting knife

Its presence reminds us of the importance of life and its preservation. It allows us to graft other Free gardeners into a chain of brotherhood and solidarity.